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First come, first served horse sale concept

Prīmī – First in Line is back!

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🐎Quality horses

On August 15th, our chosen horses will be unveiled. Hunters, equitations, ponies, youngsters and jumpers have been selected and tested to match our high quality standards.

⌛Limited time

The selection is available for a limited period of time. For two weeks, Prīmī horses can be seen and tried at our pristine facility in Belgium. Prīmī – First in Line has a first-come first-serve policy. The first client to complete our official horse purchase form and return it will take precedence over it.

🏷️fixed prices

No open bid will be made on the Prīmī horses. Horses have predetermined fixed prices that will be shared on request. This way, we feel our clients don’t have to worry about unnecessary auction type prices. What you see is what you get!


All our horses have been clinically approved by our European veterinarian and x-rayed. Of course, the pyro negative export blood test has already been completed. Videos, radiographs and reports are available upon request.

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