Prīmī’s Selection: 9 Exceptional Horses to Watch Out For

9 horses

Prīmī – First in Line is proud to present its selection of 9 exceptional horses that are bound to make waves in the show jumping and hunter circuits. These horses have been carefully chosen for their talent, potential, and quality, and are all waiting for their chance to shine in the ring. Without further ado, here are the horses that make up Primi’s selection:

  1. Ardigo – This 6-year-old mare is a product of the famous sire Aganix du Seigneur crossed with the power of Verdi. With a solid canter and good approach to jumps, she is waiting for the right rider to conquer the show jumping world.
  2. Camillomario – A stunning 5-year-old hunter, Camillomario is light in his stride and brave at the jumps. He has already competed successfully in the Italian Young Horse championships as a 4-year-old.
  3. Carojino – Recently castrated, this gelding has competed up to the 140 level and has all the makings of a top-level hunter. With an easy balanced canter, beautiful looks, and fantastic technique, he is a tough competitor to beat.
  4. Chathago – This tall and elegant 6-year-old has already competed in the 125 level. With a massive canter stride, great flexibility, and airy scope, he will suit ambitious professional and amateur riders.
  5. Despacito – A brave and confident 6-year-old developed in Germany, Despacito has been ridden by both pro and amateur riders. He has already competed at the 125 level and is a consistent horse that can go directly in the ring and win some young horse classes.
  6. No Problem – This chill and beautiful horse has everything to become a nice hunter and equitation prospect. With the looks, brains, and a steady canter, he is waiting for the right rider to finish his training and take him to the top.
  7. Ruud – This 6-year-old approved BWP stallion has a natural jump and confidence in his abilities, making him one to watch out for in the future. He has competed successfully in the young horse stallion competition in Belgium and never had one rail down in his results. Ruud was made to be a hunter and will please any ambitious athlete in the hunter or hunter derby ring.
  8. Tilly – This light and modern mare by Toulon out of a Quintus dam has everything to please any ambitious rider. Still green in experience, she is learning really fast and has started competing in the Young Horse Belgian competition this winter. She has a bright future ahead of her.
  9. Walkie Talkie – A young small pony that was already competing as a 4-year-old with a kid, Walkie Talkie has good lead changes and nice technique, making him a pony for the biggest hunter pony competition out there.

Prīmī’s selection of horses is truly exceptional, with each horse possessing the talent, potential, and quality to succeed in the show jumping and hunter circuits. Whether you are looking for a top-level jumper or a promising young hunter, Primi has something to offer. Keep an eye on these horses and see them soar to success in the ring.

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📍 Geel, Belgium