Prīmī – First in Line: Pioneering Ethical Horsemanship and Transparent Selling Process in the Equestrian World

We are thrilled to announce that Prīmī , the innovative selling event, is coming back for its second edition from August 1st to 17th. At Prīmī , we believe in revolutionizing the way horses are selected, ridden, promoted, and sold. Our mission goes beyond transactions – it is about fostering a deep understanding and appreciation for these majestic creatures. Join us as we continue to pave the way for a more ethical and transparent equestrian industry.

Selecting Horses with Care and Diligence

At Prīmī , we take great pride in our meticulous selection process. Our expert team scours Europe to find horses that meet our high standards of quality and welfare. We consider factors such as health, temperament, and history, ensuring that each horse embodies the values of trust and respect that we uphold.

Professional Riding and Training

Once a horse becomes part of the Prīmī group, we provide them with exceptional care, professional training, and development. Our experienced riders work closely with each horse, nurturing their physical and mental well-being. Through this process, we aim to create a solid foundation for their future success.

Transparent Selling Process Transparency is key to our approach.

We believe that our clients deserve to have access to all the information they need to make informed decisions. When browsing our collection, you will find comprehensive details about each horse, including videos, photos, performance records, and veterinary exams. We want our buyers to feel confident and empowered throughout the purchasing journey.

Building Trust and Lifelong Partnerships Trust forms the cornerstone of Primi.

We strive to build strong relationships with our clients based on honesty, integrity, and respect. Our goal is not just to sell horses, but to facilitate the formation of lifelong partnerships between riders and their equine companions. We are passionate about matching the right horse with the right rider, ensuring a harmonious and fulfilling journey together.

As we gear up for the second edition of Prīmī – First in Line, we are excited to continue our mission of promoting ethical horsemanship and transparency selling process in the equestrian world. Join us from August 1st to 17th as we showcase our exceptional horses, each exemplifying our commitment to excellence. Together, let’s shape a brighter future for horses and riders, where respect, trust, and transparency reign supreme.

Stay tuned for more updates on Prīmī ‘s second edition and be part of our journey toward a more ethical and transparent equestrian industry.

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