Introducing Our FAQ Article: Importing Your Dream Horse

Are you dreaming of importing your perfect equine partner from Europe? Prīmī is excited to present our comprehensive FAQ article that will guide you through the step-by-step process of importing a horse. We’ve partnered with European Horse Services (EHS), a trusted and experienced international horse transportation company, to ensure a seamless and stress-free journey for you and your horse. Let’s embark on this exciting adventure together! 🚀

How long does it take to fly a horse after the payment?

EHS offers weekly flights to USA. If the horse is paid and has negative blood/CEM results, it takes on average 1-2 weeks before the horse can fly (depending on the available space on a flight). We need to confirm the space on the airplane Minimum 1 week in advance.

Do the horses need to do layovers before the flights and if yes why?

It is not required, but we prefer to do layover before the flight. This gives EHS time to arrange all paperwork (customs, health certificates, etc.). EHS tries to pick-up the horse as late as possible at the seller’s place, to limit the travel time for the horse as much as possible.

Are horses insured on the flight?

No, insurance for the horse is not included in the flight, it can be added as an option, We can surely recommend a specialized equestrian insurance broker to coordinate this if required.

What is the role of EHS?

European Horse Services is focusing on the logistics of your horse, with a 100%
dedication to air transportation. At EHS we have 30 years of experience. All the people taking care of the horses are horse people, they have a very good experience with horses and their first priority is the health and wellbeing of the horses. We do take care of the full trip from departing stable to your barn. EHS can book flights directly with the airlines, no in between agents need to be involved, we have a very experienced team to make sure all the needed documents are been taken care of and we do have our own trucks to make
sure the logistic to the airport in Europe goes as planned. In the USA we have very well respected and long term relationship with the importing agents who will in the USA take care of the import, quarantine and trucking to the final destination. We are sure that our preferred partners do have the same quality standards as we do, so we can guarantee the best service for your horse.

How do I make sure my horse is travelling in safe hands? Who is taking care of it during the whole process?

EHS team members are having the first priority to take care of the horse. We do believe communication is crucial and try to inform the involved parties as much as possible. Our truck drivers are not just truck drivers, they are all very well experienced with horses and certified to drive horse trucks. They are very patient during loading/unloading, they always respect the horse. During the flight, a professional EHS groom is on board to take care of the horse. All grooms have a lot of practical experience and they are very well trained for all circumstances. Our grooms are frequent flyers, most of them fly on a weekly base with horses.

Do the horses quarantine before the flight?

To import a horse into USA, quarantine in Europe is not required. To Import a horse into Canada, 7 days isolation stabling is required in Europe.

How long is quarantine after the flight? And who is doing those quarantines?

3 days quarantine is required when arriving in USA. The quarantine is organized by USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). An additional CEM quarantine is required for mares (+-14 days) and stallions (+- 45 days). Those quarantine facilities are privately owned. Depending on the final destination, EHS can help choose the best facility for your horse.

Is EHS in charge of the whole shipping process till the horse arrives at its final destination? What is the role of the USA/Canadian agent? And if I have questions during the process, should I call them or EHS?

For the importation in the USA, an USA agent needs to be responsible. They’re arranging the import customs, quarantine, unloading of the horses, trucking to final destination, etc. EHS prefers full transparency and will also share the contact information of the importing agent. Since we work in different time zone we always have someone to answer your questions.

Are horses calm in the flight? Do they get sedated if something happens?

Our over 30 years of experience learn that 99% of the horses travel very well. Horses are mostly very relaxed during the flight. They get hay and water and the grooms stay close to the horses. In our opinion it’s probably safer on a flight then on a truck. An airplane has no traffic jams, stop lights or sharp turns. The plane flies on a constant speed in 1 direction. Of course some turbulence could happen, but most of the horses react good on it. If ever a horse would show signs of stress, or panic, the groom can decide to have the horse sedated before or during the flight. If we notice the horse is already a bit stressed upfront, good nutritional management can also help. F.ex. providing some calming supplements.

Are there different options of space that the horse is shipping in the flight? What is the horse most comfortable flying (2 or 3)?

An airstall consists space for a total of 3 horses (with partitions in between), this is called economy class. Business class is possible, where only 2 horses are flying in 1 airstall. This gives the horses more space. We personally do not have a preference or notice a real difference in the horses, it is mostly up to the preference of the owner to decide.

Can I go get the horse at the airport or quarantine facility myself?

Unfortanately not, you have to wait to meet your horse until it is released from quarantine. Only authorized people are allowed during the quarantine period. You, the owner or your driver can pick-up the horse when it is released from quarantine.

Can I receive pictures or videos of the horse to make sure he is ok during the whole process?

Our first priority of our team is to take care of the horses and not to take pictures. We understand the importance for you as the owner to stay informed as much as possible and if you feel the need to receive a regular update, with a picture please tell us. We will try our very best to make this happen.

Why do import prices fluctuate so much?

The biggest piece of the total price is the airfreight. Over the last years, the airfreight fluctuated due to external circumstances such as the Pandemic, the war in Ukraine, traffic jam in Suez Canal, inflation etc.. the airfreight prices are also depending on availability in the planes and not to forget the current fuel prices. The pricing can be as dynamic as flight tickets for passengers. Also the government authorities (FAVV/USDA) on both sides of the ocean are increasing year over year.

Learn more about EHS on there website.
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