Reflecting on Prīmī II: A Journey of Success and Connection

As the curtains draw on the second edition of Prīmī, we find ourselves overwhelmed by the resounding success and heartwarming stories that have unfolded during this exclusive horse sale. What began as an endeavor to connect top-tier horses with dedicated riders has transformed into a journey of remarkable achievements and meaningful partnerships.

Celebrating Achievements

From the very outset of Prīmī II, it was evident that our carefully curated selection of hunters and jumpers resonated deeply with the equestrian community. The joy of witnessing each horse find its perfect match with a passionate rider is an accomplishment that truly warms our hearts. As we celebrate the successes of Prīmī II, we extend our gratitude to every rider, buyer, and supporter who has contributed to this extraordinary journey.

Quality Over Quantity

At Prīmī, we hold a steadfast belief in the power of quality over quantity. Our decision to offer a meticulously chosen group of 9 exceptional horses underscores our commitment to providing an unparalleled horse-buying experience. Every horse in the Prīmī II collection has been thoughtfully selected, ensuring a seamless and rewarding journey for both riders and their new equine companions.


The story of Prīmī II is not merely about the conclusion of an event but marks the beginning of a legacy. The enthusiasm and support we’ve received from the equestrian community have solidified our determination to reshape the horse sales landscape. We’re excited to embark on future endeavors that will continue to redefine excellence in the equestrian world.

Embarking on New Adventures

As we bid adieu to Prīmī II, we’re thrilled to announce that all the horses in our collection will be embarking on their next chapter alongside European Horse Services (EHS). This collaboration ensures that our horses will receive the highest standard of care and attention as they make their journey to their new homes. We’re grateful to EHS for their expertise and commitment to the well-being of our equine companions.

A Heartfelt Thank You

To our valued clients, supporters, and fellow equestrians, we extend a heartfelt thank you for being a part of the Prīmī II story. Your trust, enthusiasm, and dedication have fueled our mission to provide excellence in every aspect of horse sales. As we conclude this chapter, we look forward to creating more stories, forging connections, and making dreams come true in the world of equestrianism.

Stay tuned for more exciting ventures from Prīmī – First in Line, where quality, transparency, and exceptional horses are at the core of everything we do.

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