Unveiling Prīmī’s Finest Collection: 11 Exceptional Horses Ready to Shine!

Primi Horse Sale - Hunter Jumper = First in Line

One stride away from your dreams!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest collection at Prīmī, where dreams meet reality. In our unique catalog sale, we offer a handpicked selection of eleven exceptional horses, each available at a fixed price. This is not an auction; it’s a curated experience for equestrians seeking their ideal equine partner.

Concept: First Come, First Served Excellence

At Prīmī, we believe in making dreams come true without the pressure of bidding. Our first-come, first-served approach ensures that the discerning buyer secures their dream horse swiftly. This pioneering concept guarantees transparency, simplicity, and fair pricing in acquiring top-tier horses. All horses have a recent vetcheck with full set of x-rays and are piroplasmosis free.

 In other words: Be First 🥇

Meet the Stars of Our Collection: A Glimpse into Equestrian Excellence

Secret Star - Primi - Hunter Horse
Secret Star: The Rising Star   

A 6-year-old gelding with an impeccable technique, poised to shine in the hunter, derby, and equitation arenas.


Mc Gregor - Hunter -Equitation - Primi Horse
Mc Gregor: Versatile Champion

 An exceptional 7-year-old gelding by Zapatero VDL, ready to conquer the derby or equitation world with his comfortable canter and flawless jumping form.


Inca toki - primi- hunter horse
Inca Toki Pachavert: The Striking Stallion

  A 6-year-old stallion, a cross between Catoki and Kannan, exhibiting versatility and bravery in both show jumping and the hunter world.


Maximus - primi - hunter horse
Maximus van het Morrelbos Z: The Promising Project

 An elegant 4-year-old gelding by Mr Idol S and Cavalier, offering a great mind and balanced gaits, ideal for a rider looking for a promising project in the hunter ring.


Pebbles - Primi - Hunter Horse
Pebbles A Z: The Learning Beauty

 A 4-year-old gelding showcasing progress and adaptability with every ride, offering a great mind and tremendous potential for growth. Will shine in the hunter or jumper world.


Legendary Joe A&S Z: The Confident Green Horse

A 4-year-old gelding with a lot of confidence, already jumping around courses with ease. Ready to continue his growth with a professional program and succeed in the hunter ring.


Cheers 2 Me - Primi - Horse
Cheers 2 Me: The Eye-Catching Gelding

A 6-year-old gelding with a golden trail, showing great promise in the hunter, derby, and equitation rings. Learning the job fast and possessing a steady personality.


Riccardo - primi - pony hunter
Riccardo van de Gaweg: The Flashy Small Pony Hunter

A green pony with a unique color and kind personality, awaiting his new rider to continue his development and shine in a near future in the pony world.


Triumph - primi - hunter horse
Triumph du Chapitre: The Head Turner

A green but brave 4-year-old gelding, promising to be a solid hunter and derby contender. Ideal for both ambitious professionals and amateur riders.


Shotgun van't Gelutt - primi- hunter
Shotgun van’t Gelutt: The Comfortable Canter Champion

A tall and mature 6-year-old gelding with the most comfortable canter and a long, floating trot. Ready to steal the show in the hunter, derby and equitation arenas, suitable for amateurs and professionals alike.


Archi - Primi
Archi Drum van het Juxschot: The Joyful Companion

  A large hunter pony with a heartwarming personality, exhibiting simplicity and flawless talent at just 5 years old.


Why Prīmī? A Turnkey Service from Belgium to Your Barn

Based in Belgium, Prīmī brings European excellence to the global stage. Our turnkey service ensures a smooth transition for your new equine partner from our stables to your barn, with shipping available worldwide.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of the Prīmī experience. Explore our catalog, secure your dream horse, and embark on a journey of equestrian excellence with Prīmī!

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