Unveiling Prīmī’s Finest Collection: 10 Exceptional Horses Ready to Shine!

We are thrilled to introduce the eagerly awaited Prīmī III collection, a handpicked selection of equine stars ready to captivate riders’ hearts. Our team has scoured Europe bring you what we believe is our best collection yet, a testament to our commitment to quality, fair pricing, and a revolutionary sales approach.


Meet Hilin Hyperion, a 4-year-old medium pony destined for greatness in the North American pony world. His impeccable technique, bravery in new surroundings, and lovable personality make him an excellent choice for any ambitious pony rider.

Con Leche

With infinite white legs and a winning trot, Con Leche, our 5-year-old, is set to make a lasting impression in any hunter ring. His quiet personality and bravery in new environments make him an ideal partner for amateur riders.

Tsarengo – Elegance and Promise

Tsarengo, the talented 4-year-old stallion, has already shown impressive jumping skills and a pleasant rideability. His summer show experience sets the stage for a promising career in both the hunter and derby worlds.

Dare Me
Dare Me – Your Chilled Companion

At just 4 years old, Dare Me possesses the chillest personality, forgiving mistakes as he learns the ropes. His forgiving nature and willingness to learn make him an ideal choice for an amateur rider.

Mia More – Breaking Chestnut Myths

Mia More, our 6-year-old mare, challenges the myth of chestnut mares with her heart of gold, talent, and striking looks. Successful in 120 jumpers, she’s a versatile mare ready to shine in both hunter and jumper rings.

Luciano – Effortless Grace

Luciano, our 7-year-old gelding, exudes grace and talent. With long gaits and an uphill balance, he promises to make waves in the hunter and derby world, proving that it’s never too late to start a brilliant career.

Jack – Presence and Potential

For those seeking a taller and commanding presence, Jack, our striking 5-year-old gelding, offers just that. With experience in young horse development classes, he’s set to excel in the hunter, derby, and equitation worlds.

Talina – Elegance and Versatility

Talina, the tall and gorgeous mare, brings calmness, trust, and sweetness to her rider. Having been shown successfully by an amateur, she’s ready to grow into a wonderful hunter and derby horse.

Noirrellinde – Pedigree and Potential

Noirrellinde, the 5-year-old mare with an impressive motherline, offers confidence, tons of scope, and the potential to excel in show jumping. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, she promises a perfect mix of rideability and competitiveness.

Hermanos – Majestic and Versatile

Hermanos, the 6-year-old gelding, turns heads with his majestic looks and presents a versatile option for amateurs in low and medium jumpers. With equitation and medal potential, he offers a confident gallop, making him an exciting addition to any stable.

Hurry, Be First, and Secure Your Dream Horse!This is a first come, first served sale, and our horses are available for a limited two-week period. Don’t miss the chance to welcome one of these exceptional equines into your equestrian family. Visit www.primi.horse/selection to discover your perfect match and embark on a journey with Prīmī’s finest.

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