Belgium – A Paradise for Equine Enthusiasts

Belgium Horse Paradise

Belgium, often celebrated for its culinary delights and cycling prowess, reveals another facet of its cultural richness — a deeply ingrained passion for horses. Beyond the delectable waffles and picturesque landscapes, Belgium stands as a beacon for equine enthusiasts, boasting a legacy crafted by generations of passionate breeders.

In the heart of this equine paradise lies a cultural tapestry woven with the threads of dedication, expertise, and love for horses. Belgian breeders, across generations, have meticulously crafted some of the world’s finest equine athletes, contributing significantly to the global equestrian landscape.

Estimated Prophet, bred in Belgium

Cycling may wear the crown as Belgium’s primary sport, but the equestrian tradition runs through the veins of the nation. Over 200,000 Belgians actively participate in equestrian activities, signifying a cultural commitment that goes beyond mere pastime. The allure of horse riding extends to one in ten Belgians holding a competition license, a testament to the country’s deep connection with equine sports.

Dexter de Fontenis Z – bred in Belgium

Remarkably, equestrianism holds the position of the number one sport for women in Belgium, reflecting the inclusivity and diverse engagement within the equestrian community. It’s a culture where passion knows no gender, and the love for horses unites people across all walks of life.

The “Health and Welfare of European Equidae in 2015” report sheds light on Belgium’s extraordinary contribution to the global horse population. With an impressive ratio of 47 horses per 1000 inhabitants, Belgium leads the world in the density of its equine companions, further solidifying its status as a true haven for horse lovers.

At the heart of this rich tradition and thriving equine culture, Prīmī emerges as a key player, celebrating the excellence fostered by generations of Belgian breeders. Our commitment extends beyond borders, as we curate a diverse selection of top-tier horses not only from Belgium but also from Germany, France, Holland, and various other European countries.

As we traverse the realms of Belgian equestrian history, we invite you to join us on a journey through the generations, discovering the unparalleled beauty and quality of horses that have defined a nation’s passion for the equestrian arts.

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