Small Pony Hunter

Riccardo van de Gaweg

Riccardo - primi - pony hunter
Riccardo - primi - pony hunter
Riccardo - primi - pony hunter
Riccardo - primi - pony hunter
Riccardo - primi - pony hunter Riccardo - primi - pony hunter Riccardo - primi - pony hunter Riccardo - primi - pony hunter

Alex Dai x Hogeland’s Nandor

Liver Chestnut Paint
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Riccardo van de Gaweg stands out as an exceptional top of the size small pony, destined to make a significant impact in the competitive hunter ring. With his striking appearance and delightful personality, Riccardo is more than just a pony; he’s a promising partner for discerning riders.

Despite being in the early stages of his career, Riccardo demonstrates a strong willingness to learn and evolve. His vibrant coat and charming disposition make him an eye-catching addition to any stable. Riccardo’s consistent progress and commitment to skill development align with Prīmī’s values of offering quality selections. To ensure continued positive growth, Riccardo should evolve with his new rider in a professional program, enhancing both his skills and the overall partnership.

This green pony embodies the qualities that Prīmī holds dear. With a steady growth trajectory and a dedication to honing his abilities, Riccardo presents an ideal choice for riders seeking a quality pony companion. His well-balanced attributes promise a successful partnership in the show arena.

Riccardo’s journey is only beginning, and we eagerly anticipate the successes he’ll achieve alongside his future rider. Explore the potential of this top-quality pony as he prepares to embark on a new chapter in his equestrian career.

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Riccardo- Jumping & Flat
Riccardo – Training


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