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Triumph du Chapitre

Triumph - primi - hunter horse
Triumph - primi - hunter horse
Triumph - primi - hunter horse
Triumph - primi - hunter horse
Triumph - primi - hunter horse Triumph - primi - hunter horse Triumph - primi - hunter horse Triumph - primi - hunter horse

Taloubet Z x Dayton Sitte

163cm | 16h
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Triumph du Chapitre is more than a name; it’s a promise of triumph in the equestrian arena. This exceptional 4-year-old gelding is a standout candidate for both the hunter and hunter derby rings. Triumph combines an impressive pedigree, featuring sires Taloubet Z and Dayton Sitte, with a striking appearance that turns heads wherever he goes. His elegance and presence make him a solid contender for those seeking a horse that not only performs well but also stands out for all the right reasons.

Despite his green status, Triumph du Chapitre exudes confidence and ease, showcasing a natural aptitude for the job. Whether you’re an ambitious professional or an amateur rider, Triumph’s bravery and uncomplicated nature make him an ideal partner for those looking to reach new heights in their riding journey. His unique markings, with dashes of white on his legs, face, and belly, add to his visual appeal, making Triumph not just a performance horse but a striking presence in any stable.

Triumph’s learning curve is impressive, and with each training session, he demonstrates a willingness to understand and respond to his rider’s cues. Beyond his performance attributes, Triumph du Chapitre boasts a laidback and chill personality. His temperament makes him a pleasure to work with on the ground and a favorite among barn members. Triumph represents the epitome of a well-rounded and competitive horse, ready to take on challenges in the ring while captivating hearts with his charisma outside of it.

In selecting Triumph du Chapitre, riders are not just choosing a horse; they’re aligning themselves with a promise of triumph, excellence, and a journey filled with equestrian success.

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