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Horse buying can be a challenging and confusing process, with many different options to choose from. With so many sales events available, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. However, Prīmī is different from all the other horse sales out there, here is why…

Prīmī is not an auction, which is a common format for horse sales. At an auction, horses are sold to the highest bidder, regardless of the price. This can lead to an environment where the pressure to win the bid can be high, and the actual value of the horse may be lost. Prīmī takes a different approach, offering fixed prices for our horses, which means that everyone has the same opportunity to buy a horse at a fair price.

Another aspect that sets Prīmī apart from other horse sales is the quality of the horses we offer. Our team of experts carefully selects each horse to ensure that they are of the highest quality, both in terms of their health and their performance capabilities. We believe that horse buying should not only be about securing the best horse, but also about being responsible and fair to both the horse and the buyer.

Finally, at Prīmī, we believe in 100% transparency in all of our operations. We want our customers to be fully informed about the horses they are considering, and to make an informed decision. We provide detailed information about each horse, including their age, breed, performance record and health historic, so that you can be confident in your purchase. Our commitment to transparency and ethical standards is what sets us apart, and it’s what makes Prīmī a unique and valuable option for horse buyers.

In conclusion, Prīmī is a different type of horse sale, offering fair prices, quality selected horses, and 100% transparency. If you’re looking for a new horse, we invite you to visit us on March 1st and see why Prīmī is the best choice for your next purchase.

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