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Horses are selected all year round prior to the sale. After a pre-selection, the horses will be invited for a final trial at the pristine Stal de Eyckenhoeve facilities. After acceptance into Prīmī, a veterinary check will be made. If the horse is approved clinically and on radiographs, it will be selected and showcased for our big unveiling day. The filmed clinical check and x-rays are sent on request. All Prīmī horses are piroplasmosis free!

Publication day

At the reveil date, horses will be showcased on our social media platform and website. As soon as the horses are online, our telephone lines will open to share additional information with customers and book trials. No priority will be given to certain customers, the first to contact us and complete our official purchase form, gets priority over a horse: first-come-first-serve. Two weeks is the time Prīmī will be available. Save the date!

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