The (short) ultimate guide to find the right horse match

Ultimate Guide by Primi

Finding the right horse match can be a daunting task. With so many horses available, different types of riders and levels of experience, finding a horse that meets your needs and preferences can be a challenge. However, with some knowledge and guidance, it is possible to find the perfect horse to suit your needs. In this short ultimate guide, we will outline the key factors to consider when looking for your equine partner.

Level of Riding Experience

The first factor to consider when looking for the right horse match is your level of riding experience. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, it is crucial to find a horse that matches your skill level. For amateurs, a well-trained horse with a calm and willing nature is often the best option. Helping learning riders to gain confidence in the saddle is a key objective. Schoolmaster horses are often the right choice to learn in a fun and safe environment. Often riders can forget about that and chose to bite off more than they can chew by selecting horses that are too green for them. In the end, your trainer will manage a good program for the horse and rider what ever the circomstances. Although, it’s important to remember that safety and fun is not overated!


Another critical factor to consider is the horse’s temperament. Horses can sometimes be like humans, have their own personalities, and finding a horse with the right temperament is essential for a successful partnership. It’s always easier to ride horses who enjoy their job and have a willingness to work and learn.

Riding Goals

The next factor to consider is your riding goals. What is your 1 and 5 year plan. The type of horse you choose should align with your goals and aspirations on short or long term. For example, if you are interested in becoming a grand prix rider, you may want to look for a horse with good jumping ability and experience in those levels already. Alternatively, if you have are patient and confident rider that enjoys the process of building up a horse, a good young horse is a nice choice.

Access to information

Finally, it is crucial to work with people you trust. Ask for all the material you need from home videos, vetchecks, show results, etc. All this information should be easily accessible.

Primi’s Unique Approach

Primi is a new and innovative horse sale event that aims to provide clients with a transparent and ethical way to purchase high-quality horses. Unlike traditional auctions, Primi offers a selection of hand-picked horses at fixed prices, eliminating the uncertainty and pressure associated with auctions. The Primi team has over a decade of experience in the equestrian industry and specializes in selecting and matching horses to their potential riders. Clients can view the selection of horses online and, if interested, visit the beautiful Stal de Eyckenhoeve in Geel, Belgium, to try the horses in person. The Primi team can assist with the entire process, from traveling to purchasing the horse.

In conclusion, finding the right horse match involves considering your riding experience, the horse’s temperament, your riding goals, and access to infroamtion. With the right knowledge and guidance, it is possible to find the perfect horse to match your needs and preferences. Primi offers a unique and transparent approach to horse sales and can provide clients with high-quality horses that are carefully selected and matched to their potential riders.

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