• The (short) ultimate guide to find the right horse match

    The (short) ultimate guide to find the right horse match

    Finding the right horse match can be a daunting task. With so many horses available, different types of riders and levels of experience, finding a horse that meets your needs and preferences can be a challenge. However, with some knowledge and guidance, it is possible to find the perfect horse to suit your needs. In…

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  • New international horse sale event: Prīmī – First in Line

    New international horse sale event: Prīmī – First in Line

    Published on Quality | Limited Time | Fixed Prices | Pre-vetted Prospective buyers will have the opportunity to view the horses online at www.primi.horses for a limited time of two weeks. All horses are available to try at Stal de Eyckenhoeve’s beautiful facility in Geel, Belgium. Reinventing the auction model The goal of Prīmī…

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  • Online & Belgium

    Online & Belgium

    View Online Horse enthusiasts, have you heard about Prīmī? This innovative new horse sale is changing the game and offering a unique experience for those in the market for a new equine companion. Unlike traditional live events, Prīmī brings the selection of horses directly to you through their online platform at Try in Belgium…

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  • Why Buy Horses at Auctions?

    Why Buy Horses at Auctions?

    Auctions provide a unique opportunity for horse buyers to purchase top-quality animals from reputable breeders and trainers. At a horse auction, buyers can view a large selection of horses in one convenient location, and have the chance to inspect each horse in detail before making a bid. This makes it easier to find a horse…

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  • As Seen On Barnbridge-Auctions

    As Seen On Barnbridge-Auctions

    A few medias have already heard about Prīmī – First in Line and added this not to be missed event to their calendars! See our event on Barnbridge-Auctions’ website. Our collection will also be displayed their on March 1st!

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  • This is not an auction

    This is not an auction

    Horse buying can be a challenging and confusing process, with many different options to choose from. With so many sales events available, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. However, Prīmī is different from all the other horse sales out there, here is why… Prīmī is not an auction, which…

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